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With over six seasons of concentrated organic and biodynamic farming on the eastern shore of Virginia, we have learned more than our fair share. In our opinion, research should be the top priority of farmers. You can learn from the experiences of others and make an educated decision before experimenting on your own. We have experience managing heritage breed animals, heirloom fruits and vegetables, organic mushrooms, and more. We correspond with biodynamic and organic growers across the country and around the world. We put together insights from the farthest reaches of the world into new and creative applications for regional production. Our main interest is improving soil fertility and seeing other farms become autonomous self-supporting enterprises:


Biodynamic preparation making

BD spray applications

Keyline plowing

Permaculture systems design

Holistic orchard management

Workshops, presentations, & webinars

& more.


Biodynamic wine is a fast growing phenomenon. But intimacy with the spirit of the land and its full potential of expression isn’t an overnight process. We can guide you through the transition to biodynamics. If you’re already practicing biodynamic viticulture, we can help you take it to the next level with increased yields, more flavorful results, and more soulful wine.

Holistic Orchard Management

There are real ways to grow succulent organic fruits and minimize pest control problems. Biodynamics is just one key to the bigger picture.


Central to any sustainable agricultural system is cycling nutrients and re-cycling life forces in the form of odorless, sweet-smelling compost. Compost deserves infinitely more reverence than it is given today. We can provide simple and practical methods for maintaining your own composting operation without attracting vermin and without generating any offensive odors.

Integrated Livestock Management

Multi-species rotational grazing is a real way to improve soils, sequester carbon, and raise the healthiest animals possible without chemicals. We have years of experience managing organic free-range cattle, sheep, hogs, poultry, and more.

Hands-on Biodynamic Workshops

Maybe you’re new to biodynamics, or maybe you want to bring preparation making “in house.” Whatever your needs, we can present workshops on preparation making, composting, biodynamic spray applications, or custom-tailor a workshop to meet your specific needs. 

Lectures & Webinars

We have presented at local and regional agricultural conferences and delivered online classes for remote learning on regenerative agriculture methods.  

Contact us with any questions you might have about workshops, consultations, site-visits and rates.