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Perennial Roots is a permanent agriculture farm that employs biodynamic methods and rhythms.  We employ a distinctly modern approach to farming while at the same time utilizing historic heritage breed animals and cultivating heirloom vegetables.

Biodynamics is a special way of looking at the world without prejudice. It means taking the time to listen to plants–even “weeds”–to learn why they grow where they grow and what their unique needs are. Biodynamics does not accept the modern superstition that you have to buy expensive chemical inputs every year. Instead, we labor to create a farm that has a life of its own–one able to regenerate its own fertility from its own resources. This is a concrete way of engaging nature that is neither sentimental mysticism nor callous materialism. Biodynamics is both environmentally sound and economically profitable.

We encourage a diverse and thriving plant life throughout our farm. We’ve learned that the maximum amount of life combined with a maximum diversity of life brings health. Quantity without diversity is the logic of an infection — of a monoculture. Diversity without volume is not strong.

We use no synthetic chemicals because the one-sided attack against any aspect of an ecosystem invariably creates a one-sided ecosystem. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction and farming is no exception. Extremism fosters extremism. Only dynamic moderation perpetuates a living equilibrium.

We believe that a healthy thriving soil is our first line of defense against pests and disease the same way that a healthy thriving gut is our first line of defense against infections. Rather than trying to eliminate the weeds, we integrate them into our system of regeneration. We plant and tend our plants according to the moon. We are mindful to tend our plants in accordance with cosmic rhythms and the movements of celestial bodies because nothing exists in isolation. Everything is connected in ecology, and everything is connected in astronomy.

Cover crops, perennial grasses, interplanting, complexity of plant life are guiding principles of our farm. Recycling, sheet mulching, composting and giving back more to the land than we have taken from it are all key in our efforts toward a vibrant ecosystem and a sustainable permaculture farm.

We are committed not merely to nominally “sustainable” practices, but to actively regenerative practices that improve fertility with every passing season. We use intensive multi-species rotational grazing which maintains the health of our animals and of our soil. Behind our livestock rotation we spray special biodynamic sprays to help accelerate the process of healing.

In keeping with this impulse towards long-term fertility, we raise heritage animals on our farm specifically selected for their good foraging traits. Our goal is to feed as little grain as possible to all our animals and continue to develop a perennial grass-based diet. Even the weeds are all an integral part of this process of healing the Earth.

All of our energy originates in the dying light of stars: our sunlight, our moonlight, and even the starlight at night. Plants materialize this light into sugars, and from these compounds come the fuel for all of our existence. Sugars are condensed sunlight. We build humus by encouraging better photosynthesis because: humus itself is more than sixty percent carbohydrates. In biodynamics, the quality of the light reflected by the moon or released by the sun varies from day to day, and therefore, what plants crystallize out of that energy varies from moment to moment too. We are partners of the earth and the earth is a partner of the cosmos.