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The Sea of Fertility

Water runs downhill, and all tributaries reach the sea. No matter how careful we are, erosion occurs and runoff flows into the ocean. Because our fertility flows downstream, it is our task to bring fertility upstream. From the ocean we must retrieve our fertility.

Towards this end, I employ Sea-Crop®, a distilled concentrate of marine minerals, with a 95% reduction of salt; the producer claims it contains 89 elements, and in our mineral-poor soils, this is an excellent supplement to the other sprays we use. We add a little Sea-Crop many of our sprays as a regular foliar spray.

Note: For those concerned with radiation from Pacific waters, please read this. At least for me, it helps put things in perspective.

We also supplement our animals with few drops of these sea minerals to encourage healthy development.

As part of our fertility program, we use microbial sprays to reduce ammonia emissions from our poultry manure and save that Nitrogen for farm. We also use kelp meal, fish emulsion, and crab shells. These are not the cheapest forms, but they seem to be some of the most sustainable options. If you know of more, please tell me! My research is ongoing.

I think our so-called “dead zones” should be mined for fertility. Since they are already devoid of oxygen because of eutrophication, no sea life needs to be harmed and the nutrients from cities can be returned to the farms.

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