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Feature Article in the Virginian Pilot, January 2018

Video Feature, Virginian Pilot, January 2018

Food for Thought, Edible Delmarva, December 2017

VA Foodie, featured Instagram

Future Harvest Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture 2018 19th Annual Conference: Cultivate the Chesapeake Foodshed–Integrated Livestock Pasture Management: Learn a holistic approach to raising animals on the farm with a negative carbon footprint that both improves the health of animals and the wealth of the farmers, presentation by Stewart Lundy.

Occasionally offers webinars through the Biodynamic Association: Previous webinars include: The Embers and the Stars: Using a Biodynamic Calendar, Practical Carbon Solutions: How Biodynamics Can Engage Climate in the Farm and Garden, Real World Biodynamics for Beginners.

Farm-a-Yard Podcast 010 A Biodynamic Summer

Farm-a-Yard Podcast 006 Interview with Stewart Lundy

Delmarva NOW “Small-scale farmers learn to plant for future”

Webinar with The Biodynamic Association (BDA) Real World Biodynamics for Beginners

Feature article in Edible Delmarva Spring 2017 “Living Through the Seasons on a Biodynamic Farm”

Contributor to Edible Delmarva Spring 2017 “Biodynamic Farming”

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) 2017 Farming for the Future Conference 

  • “Biodynamics & Permaculture: Intertwining Holistic Farming Systems” Presentation by Stewart Lundy

  • “Q & A: Applying Biodynamics in Your Farm or Garden” panel with Mac Mead, Lia Babitch, and Stewart Lundy

Delmarva NOW “Obeying Nature”

Virginia Living“A Shore Thing” Photograph #15

Virginian-Pilot“Foraging for the Best of Virginia’s Upper Eastern Shore”

Baltimore Style “The Other Shore” 

The Livestock Conservancy “Heritage Breeds” Podcast Interview

Contributor to Biodynamic Journal“Reading the Book of Nature” p. 43

Contributor to Biodynamic Association blog, “Only What is Fruitful is True”